Applied Collaboration – Share files

It’s ridiculous, but true: It’s still a problem in the enterprise to share files. Emails get blocked because of attachment-sizes and extensions, network drives are not available for everybody and the administrators are unknown. And even if you managed to put the file on a place where everybody can access it, you still have to tell people where it is. And there is no control – once it’s open, you can hardly exclude anybody, you don’t see who already downloaded it, and if you have a new version of your file, the trouble starts all over again.

Applied collaboration should allow you to store files, manage access rights, get statistics, control versions – and, most important: tell people where and how they can find it.
If there is then some realtime editing mode and more stuff that allows “true” collaboration on one file – that’s a nice add on. even though I think that this perception of collaboration does not focus on it’s biggest benefits. Concentrate on information, opportunities and status. Collaboration doesn’t mean that others will do your work.

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