Abundant Redundancy

It’s ok if you say things several times to make sure everybody heard you. It’s also ok if you forgot details about your audience – who has heard that yet, whom do you still have to tell it. Or whom do you have to tell it again because they forget it anyway. That’s ok if you have big audiences, many topics and frequent discussions. But it’s not really ok if you use weekly meetings in your unit to recap everything that has happenend in your unit. – Let me rephrase that: It’s ok to give a short summary of what’s going on.
But what brings me close to freaking out in team- and project meetings is the habit of asking each other questions whose answer you already know – just because you want to hear it again, because you like to hear it that much, because you want that specific person to tell this story, becaus you want others to hear it, because it makes you feel comfortable to hear things you already know, because it makes you feel smart to ask smart questions.
Stop that. You’re not the only one who keeps an ear on what’s going on, And if you are, it’s probably the other way round – you are the only one, who is not getting much, you are the only one who is always some steps behind. That’s the impression you make when you are frequently asking redundant question. It’s either you or the others – one does look like an idiot in this redundancy scenario.

And, besides all that stupidity impact, it’s really bad communication style: It’s not ok to keep information or to make a big fuss on sharing it. If you want to impress your colleagues, start an internal blog or become a wiki moderator. But your blogs then would also become a lot better, if you would share information honestly – and not for the purpose to impress someone (that’s hard to get rid of anyway…).

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