Praise for nothing – is that slander or expression of zen-style wisdom?

I posted some thoughts on the SOAR-model of Zen-philosophy a while ago. SOAR (Subject-Object-Action-Reality) deals with the idea that all efforts and endeavours may be very impressive in our daily objective and subjective lives, they may even result in actions – but they don’t touch “reality” – for the simple reason that we dont know what that is.
I’m not really more advanced yet, just had some deja-vu while reading news on reorganisation in my business-neighborhood. People are leaving voluntarily or not, they are being thanked (or not) and their merits in building or restructuring a company are acknowledged – even if they worked there only for half a year.
They must have been highly efficient.
Or it must be completely regardless whatever they have done; just say anything – who cares, it’s over, they are gone. And maye some idiots believe that they really helped to get something going.

Writing acknowledgements like that actually means to really destroy someone’s reputation – but probably the guys asked for it. Bullshitting is common sense. And after all: It really does not matter – because it does not touch reality…

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